Having issues in a relationship? Uncertain about your job or your career? Dealing with a controlling family member? Tired of the gossip and the drama at work? Are you stressed or anxious? Are you depressed? Trouble sleeping? In a spiritual rut? Decisions seem to all be going wrong? Are your emotions getting the best of you? Not enough time in the day? Struggling with an addiction? Does life feel the same...day after day, year after year?

Life is hard.  We can help.

It’s time to learn and apply new life skills so that you can become all you were designed to be. 

Improve Your Self-Awareness
Relate to Others More Effectively
Walk with God
Ready to engage?  We have four options. 
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September 6th at 7:00pm central
Richard Britt
Financial Advisor
Wells Fargo Advisors

Join us for this inciteful conversation with a trusted financial advisor (who is also an active participant in our golf events)!

Did you miss our last Virtual Conversation?  No problem.  Watch the recording here!
August 2022
“A Conversation with Scott Dawley”
Speedgolf USA
Founder & World Record Holder
Click Here to Visit Speedgolf USA
April 2022
“A Conversation with Dr. King”
Guest Speaker:  Dr. Channing King
King Family Chiropractic

Have you seen Todd’s book?

“In the Leather: 
The Power of Proximity in Golf & Life”

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Can we pray for you?  Please tell us how. 
Did you know Jesus gave us instructions on how to pray?
Praying is an important part of our spiritual journey, but for some reason many of us spend years praying without much guidance.  Great news…Jesus provides the model, and Dr. Andy Stanley presents the teachings of Jesus in this powerful video series.  We encourage you to plan time over the next few weeks to watch the series, take notes, and let your prayer life be changed forever.
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