July 2021: Never Conform

Have you ever tried to copy another golfer? Maybe, you tried to study Jordan Spieth’s golf swing and did your best to replicate it only to fail. It is difficult for us to carbon copy someone else’s swing since we are not the same height nor do we have the exact same body build as them.

June 2021: Give Thanks

Have you ever stood in that moment of victory? It may have been landing the hole-in-one shot on the course or winning the golf tournament. You came to a moment of great success, and it was truly a time for celebration.

May 2021: Identity in Christ

In a team golf tournament, the strength of a team is determined by the skills and status of the players. Ideally, you would want to gather a team of better golfers than you if you were hoping to win the tournament. The selection process of the team is key to the team’s success on the course.

April 2021: Love Others

When you were first starting out learning the game of golf, you likely had someone introduce you to the game. That introduction may have come from a parent, a friend, or a coach, yet whoever it came from became your golfing mentor.

March 2021: Adore Him

We cannot help but notice and respond to greatness. Whether it was watching Dustin Johnson win last year’s Masters or watching Tiger Woods return to greatness the previous year, we are naturally drawn to watch, talk about, and respond to greatness.