May 2021: Identity in Christ

The Warm Up

In a team golf tournament, the strength of a team is determined by the skills and status of the players. Ideally, you would want to gather a team of better golfers than you if you were hoping to win the tournament. The selection process of the team is key to the team’s success on the course.

Imagine being asked to play on a team that had much greater status and skill level than the one that you bring to the game. Joining that team would bring a sense of urgency to play well on the course alongside a since of encouragement that others wanted you to be a part of the team.

The Course

When it comes to our faith, we have been invited not just onto a team but into a family. As followers of Jesus, we have been given a new identity as not just members of a good golf team but as sons and daughters of God. 

Salvation was not merely an escape ticket from hell, but it is an invitation into a new family – God’s family. Paul describes this invitation to the church at Galatia when he writes…

“…for in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God, through faith.”

(Galatians 3:26 ESV)

We have been given a new status and identity as sons and daughters of God when we placed our faith in Jesus. As beloved children of God, we have a Father who loves us and wants to spend time with us. We have a new brothers and sisters through other Christians in a local church. We have been given a new family.

As a part of this new family, we also have a new identity. We no longer have to worry about if we are good enough, smart enough, or religious enough to be on the winning team. We don’t have to work to prove ourselves before God and others because we have been welcomed into the family, which is something that we do not deserve and could never earn. 

Evaluating Your Score

When it comes to our lives, we are called to live different because of our new identity. We can live from a place of God’s love and approval rather than striving to earn God’s approval. In the difficult moments of life, we can approach our heavenly Father and lean on our brothers and sisters in Christ for support. We have a family who loves us, is with us, and is for us.

Today, are you living from your identity as a beloved child of God? Are you spending time with your heavenly Father who wants to be with you? Are you connected to a local church where your brothers and sisters in Christ can come alongside you and encourage you?

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Dr. Ben Birdsong

Dr. Ben Birdsong

Ben Birdsong serves as a writer, speaker, and minister based in Birmingham, Alabama.

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