June 2021: Give Thanks

The Warm Up

Have you ever stood in that moment of victory? It may have been landing the hole-in-one shot on the course or winning the golf tournament. You came to a moment of great success, and it was truly a time for celebration. 

In moments of celebration, sometimes we forget that our success is not merely our own. We have our coaches who taught us the best skills, our family who supported us, and our God who gives us life, talent, and skills. When we find everyone clapping for us, it is a reminder that we should be thankful.

The Course

When it comes to our faith, God is the One who is due our ultimate thanks. He gives us the things that we could not do anything without such as life, breath, strength, health, passion, and many others. Without God, we would not exist. He also is the Author of our salvation and made a way for us to have a relationship with Him because Jesus died on the cross in our place.

In our everyday lives, we often forget to be thankful. In writing to the church at Colossae, Paul encouraged them to always be thankful: 

“And whatever you do, in word and deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.”

(Colossians 3:17 ESV)

We are to be thankful in every moment – from the words we say to the things we do. One way Paul suggests that we can pursue thankfulness is to evaluate the name in which we are doing things. We are called to do things in the name of Jesus so He is the One that gets the fame.

Doing thing from the perspective of us getting the fame and Jesus getting the fame results in a very different approach to life. If I am getting the fame, it becomes completely about my performance, reputation and status, yet if Jesus is getting the fame, it becomes about how clearly I can point others to Him.

Evaluating Your Score

When it comes to our lives, we are called to be thankful by remembering who truly deserves the fame and the credit. When we win or lose, on our good days and bad, and in every moment in between, are we thankful for the life, breath, and strength that God has given us.

Today, does your life point to you or to Jesus? What are some ways that you can remind yourself to be thankful today? What are some of the many ways that God has blessed you?

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Dr. Ben Birdsong

Dr. Ben Birdsong

Ben Birdsong serves as a writer, speaker, and minister based in Birmingham, Alabama.

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