March 2021: Adore Him

The Warm Up

We cannot help but notice and respond to greatness. Whether it was watching Dustin Johnson win last year’s Masters or watching Tiger Woods return to greatness the previous year, we are naturally drawn to watch, talk about, and respond to greatness. 

As golfers, we naturally study, track, and watch the great golfers longing to play one hole like they would. We naturally celebrate their greatness and seek to emulate them.

The Course

When it comes to our faith, we could use the word “worship” to describe celebrating and responding to the greatness of another. At the birth of Jesus, some kings and rulers had traveled from the east guided by a star to come to exalt the child King. Once they arrived at the place where the family was, Matthew describes:

“And going into the house they saw the child with Mary his mother, and they fell down and worshipped him. Then, opening their treasures, they offered him gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh.”

(Matthew 2:11 ESV)

The older kings saw the greatness and value of Jesus, the King sent from heaven, and they worshipped Him. In their worship, they adored Jesus by offering Him gifts to celebrate His greatness. 

Jesus was a King who was worthy of worship because He was God’s Son. We know from reading the rest of the story in the gospels that Jesus would go on to live a perfect, sinless life. He would die on the cross for your sin and my sin. He would rise from the dead defeating sin and evil. He would then go back to heaven from where He will one day return for His children. Jesus is a King worth the adoration of all people.

Evaluating Your Score

When it comes to our lives, it is easy to celebrate the greatness of a shot or a championship golfer on TV, yet as followers of Jesus, we should also celebrate and adore the greatness of Jesus. 

We can celebrate the greatness of Jesus by: 

  • Telling others about Him
  • Giving of our time, talents, and resources for His kingdom purposes
  • Worshipping Him through the way we live our lives 

We naturally adore things that we value. When people look at your life, can they tell that you value Jesus and live to adore Him?

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Dr. Ben Birdsong

Dr. Ben Birdsong

Ben Birdsong serves as a writer, speaker, and minister based in Birmingham, Alabama.

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