Our Program

In 20 years of ministry, 10 topics have consistently generated transformational change with our clients.  We believe these topics are critical life skills that for some reason, few of us learn along the way.  Well, those days are over.  We’re here to help teach and coach those skills. 

Say hello to the Individual Development Plan (IDP) from Step by Step Ministry.

Option 1:  Personal Evaluation & Inventory

Not sure where to begin?  That’s ok, and it’s why we’re here.  Start with a 1-hour personal and confidential evaluation with one of our coaches.  Think about this example…your car is having issues, but you’re not quite sure of the problem.  You visit your local mechanic and after a variety of tests and diagnostics, you receive a custom report detailing the results, and what to do next.  We strongly encourage all clients to start with this option. 

Click the “Buy Now” button below and choose the one-hour coaching session from the shop ($125).

Option 2:  Pick and choose specific modules. 

Option 3:  Buy the IDP Bundle

  • The SBSM proprietary Digital Workbook ($150 value)
  • (10) books shown below from top-selling authors ($250 value)
  • (8) self-assessments and personalized results ($150 value)
  • (10) one-hour 1:1 coaching sessions ($1000 value)
  • (1) Step by Step Ministry tee shirt ($20 value)
  • FREE access to the SBSM Virtual Fellowship Gatherings

$525 for the full bundle
or 12 installments of $50/month)

 Start your IDP if you want help with:

  • Improving relationships with the people you love most  
  • Managing your emotions 
  • Finding a better work/life balance 
  • Dealing with over-controlling family members 
  • Finding your life’s purpose 
  • Managing stress and anxiety 
  • Making physical improvements (sleep, diet, etc..)
  • Growing closer to God 
Self-Discovery (100-Series Modules)

Module 101

Behaviors & Motivators

Featured Text:

“The Essential DISC Training Workbook”
(Jason Hedge)


Success Insights Combo (DISC & Motivators)

Module 102

Emotional Intelligence

Featured Text:

“Emotional Intelligence 2.0” (Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves)


Student will identify his/her EQ score (and may take it again after the module). 

Module 103

Decision Making

Featured Text:

“Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets”
(Dr. Andy Stanley)


No assessment available. 
However, a detailed action plan is included in the module. 

Module 104

Priority Management

Featured Text:

“Do What Matters Most” (Ron and Steve Shallenberger)


Student will identify how and why they don’t have enough time in the day!

Relating to Others (200-Series Modules)

Module 201

Communicating with Love

Featured Text:

“The 5 Love Languages” (Dr. Gary Chapman)


Student will learn his/her primary love language.

Module 202

Establishing Healthy Limits

Featured Text:

(Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend)


Student will learn his/her boundary score (setting & honoring boundaries).

Walk With God (300-Series Modules)

Module 301

Understanding Salvation 

Featured Text:

“How Good is Good Enough”
(Dr. Andy Stanley)


Students will identify where they currently sit on the spiritual journey path.

Module 302

Understanding Sanctification

Featured Text:

“Reckless Love”
(Cory Asbury)


No assessment available. 
Action plans included with module. 

Module 303

Spiritual Gifts

Featured Text:

“Finding Your Spiritual Gifts”
(C. Peter Wagner)


Student will discover his/her top 3 spiritual gifts and how to use them. 

Module 304

Idols & Addictions

Featured Text:

“The Heart of Addiction”
(Mark E. Shaw)


Student will discover the people, places, or things they value most!

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