Emotional (Anxiety, Fear, Depression)

Louie Giglio
“I’m Not Okay, But Jesus Is”

Dr. Mac Brunson 
“Overcoming the Fear of Fear”

Julie Sparkman
“Are You Done Yet: Crazy Train” 

Relational (Marriage, Dating, Parenting, Social)

Alonza & Vanessa Jones
“Preparing for Biblical Marriage”

Dr. Andy Stanley
“How to Have a Better Marriage”

Dr. Andy Stanley
“Parenting in the 21st Century”


Josh Axe
“Top Tips to Strengthen the Immune System”

Dr. Andrew Weil
“Real Food:  The Best Diet”

Joyce Meyer
“The Power of Words”


Dr. Andy Stanley
“Faith Full:  Part 1”

Dr. Andy Stanley
“Don’t Settle for Christian”

Frances Chan
“Living Eternally (The Rope Sermon)”

Louie Giglio
“How Great is Our God” (the whales & stars)

Dr. Andy Stanley
“Grow Up Prayers” (Part 1)

Dr. Mac Brunson
“The Call to Repentance”

Featured Sermon Series'

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  • Connecting with a Pro2

You Can Achieve Anything if You Work Hard Enough

Julie Sparkman | March 2021

Are You a ProV1 or a Range Ball

SBS Golf | February 2021

Don’t Settle for Christian

Andy Stanley | June 2020

The Call to Repentance

Mac Brunson | July 2020

What Do You Have in Your House?

Sherita Harkness | September 2020

Parenting in the 21st Century

Andy Stanley | October 2020

Overcoming the Fear of Fear

Mac Brunson | November 2020

Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets

Andy Stanley | Jan-Feb 2021

Grown-Up Prayers

Andy Stanley | March 2021

The Gospel Explained in 4 Simple Truths

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

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